How to Feed and Keep Goldfish Healthy

Owning a pet or getting a new one is something every animal-lover wishes for. For some people pets are as important as their children and try to provide them with the highest quality living. The pet owners are responsible for giving their pets a home and a lifestyle close to their natural habitat, in order to raise a healthy and happy pet.

Pet Goldfish:

A fish as a pet is very easy to take care of and keep. They just need a little aquarium and very less feeding and cleaning. They do not bark, leave hair on cushions or sofas or need expensive treats or evening walks etc. They just need a small tank of water and little care and feeding.

A Goldfish is the most common fish kept as a pet. Many types & species of goldfish are present all over. They are in many colors but all look cute. The care and food requirements of goldfish are a little different from other fish as they are more delicate and sensitive. Following are some tips and suggestions to keep goldfish healthy.

Caring For Goldfish:

To keep goldfish healthy they should be kept in a clean water tank with conditions like their natural habitat. The amount of the water and size of the aquarium and tank depend upon the type and number of goldfish. There should be enough room for each goldfish to swim freely and there should be no sharp objects in the water tank/ aquarium.

The water tanks should be regularly cleaned, water should be filtered and no large stones should be placed as the goldfish has the habit of stone picking and they could hurt themselves by doing so.

To keep goldfish healthy one should also keep small amounts of salts like Mercurochrome and Betadine that will help protect the goldfish from several diseases.

Feeding your Goldfish:

The most common cause of goldfish death is overfeeding or feeding the wrong kind of food. Therefore, feeding goldfish should be done very carefully and properly. To keep goldfish healthy, following points should be considered. Give the goldfish some time to settle in their tank or new home before feeding them. When feeding them for the first time, one should not feed them too much.

Many types of food fish brands are stocked by the pet stores. One should buy a good nutrient rich goldfish food preferably in the form of flakes.

To keep goldfish healthy, you should not feed the fish too much or from every two three hours as it will only accumulate in the tank and pollute the water. Polluted water or dissolved food can cause many diseases to the goldfish.

One should choose a fixed time for feeding the fish. This way the goldfish will develop a scheduled feeding habit and they will eat according to their needs at the fixed time. A good idea for feeding goldfish is to use a feed ring that floats in the water and the goldfish can take the food whenever they want. It will also keep the aquarium from getting polluted.

The newly born goldfish and grownup fish have different feeding requirements so the owner should also consider their special food requirements and sock different kinds of food for them. To keep goldfish healthy, they should be given food twice a day and as much that they can eat in ten to fifteen minutes. Feeding the same kind of fish food can cause diarrhea, constipation and other nutritional deficiency diseases among the goldfish.

To develop good resistance in your goldfish you should keep changing the fish food after every month or so. Feeding them a variety of food will keep goldfish healthy, active and makes their color fresh and bright.

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